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Company History


Forum Telemedizin GmbH was founded in 1999 and has been focused on technological innovations in the Healthcare Sector ever since. 


The project "Forum Telemedizin" helped support a study of "internet-based asthma education for kids and teenagers" in cooperation with Barmer Ersatzkasse (BEK) and Glaxo SmithKline (GSK).


in 2003/2004 Boston Medical Center (BMC) decided to adapt this project to the US-American market, with the help of Forum Telemedizin GmbH and Cignus GmbH. The Project - named "BostonBreathes" has been online and running since December 2004. See Link for more information: http://www.bu.edu/fammed/bostonbreathes/Info.htm


A further project, which was carried out with the help of Munich-based Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität is called "Leben mit Mukoviszidose" (life with mucoviscidosis). In 2002 this project was awarded the “Bayern-Online-International Preis" by the Bavarian government. Its aim is to support mucoviscidosis patients (both teenagers and adults) with the treatment and daily life with the disease. 



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