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Blind Diabetes Patients



Blindness (diabetic retinopathy) is one of the dramatic consequences of diabetes. If a blind diabetic can no longer carry out his or her diabetes therapy independently, an escalation of the disease is often the result.


Cignus GmbH and Forum Telemedizin GmbH have colaborated with diabetes representatative of the DBSV (German blind and visually impaired association) - Mrs. Diana Drossel - in order to develop a barrier-free solution. The ProfiLine BLE Blood Glucose Meter was optimized especially for the use of blind and visually impaired diabetes patients. 


It is equipped with an acoustic-module, which lets the user know the measurement data via beeping. In combination with the barrier-free diabetes diary SiDiary and its special blind-mode, an optimal solution for blind and visually impaired diabetics is generated. 


Additionally, the test strips are ideal for the use of blind diabetics: hanging drop of blood, anaerobic enzyme, underfill check, length and thickness of strips.


Of course our ProfiLine BLE TeleMed fulfills all current standards such as the European ISO-Norm 15197:2013 and the German RiLiBÄK (Richtlinie Bundesärztekammer).





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